What can you do in Ibiza?

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Formentera is a beautiful island located just a short ferry ride from Ibiza. Known for its crystal clear waters and pristine beaches, Formentera is a popular destination for tourists seeking a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere than its famous neighbor. The island is also home to several small towns with charming restaurants and shops, making it a great place to explore and enjoy the local culture. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a longer stay, Formentera is a must-visit destination in the Mediterranean.

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Formentera Ibiza
Boat Party Ibiza Boat Party Ibiza

Ibiza Boat Feesten

Sunset boat parties are a popular activity for visitors to Ibiza. These parties take place aboard a boat and offer stunning views of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea. Guests can enjoy music, drinks, and dancing while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Some sunset boat parties even include a swim stop in a secluded cove or bay. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a fun night out with friends, a sunset boat party is a unique and memorable way to experience Ibiza’s famous nightlife.

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Jet Ski Ibiza

Jet ski activities are a thrilling way to explore the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza. These powerful watercraft allow you to speed across the waves and experience the island’s stunning coastline from a unique perspective. You can take a guided tour to explore hidden coves and beaches, or simply rent a jet ski and venture out on your own. Many rental companies offer a variety of packages, including adrenaline-pumping tours and more leisurely excursions. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a first-timer, jet ski activities are an exciting and unforgettable way to experience Ibiza’s natural beauty.

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Jet Ski Ibiza
Diving Ibiza Duiken Ibiza Activiteiten Ibiza activiteiten-ibiza

Duiken op Ibiza

Diving is a popular activity on Ibiza, offering visitors a unique way to explore the island’s underwater world. With clear waters and diverse marine life, Ibiza is a great destination for both novice and experienced divers. There are many dive centers located around the island, offering a range of courses and guided tours to suit all levels of experience. Discover colorful fish, fascinating rock formations, and even shipwrecks as you explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re looking to try diving for the first time or to continue your diving education, Ibiza is a great destination for underwater adventure.

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4x4 Safari

A 4×4 off-road Jeep safari is a thrilling way to explore the rugged terrain and hidden corners of Ibiza. Whether you choose a half-day or full-day excursion, you’ll visit places inaccessible to regular vehicles, including secluded beaches, hidden caves, and picturesque villages. Many safari tours also include stops for refreshments or even a traditional Spanish lunch. For a fun and adventurous way to experience the natural beauty of Ibiza, a 4×4 off-road safari is a must-do activity.

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Ibiza Jeep Safari activiteiten-ibiza

Snorkling Ibiza

Snorkeling is a fun and easy way to explore the underwater world of Ibiza. With clear waters and a diverse range of marine life, snorkeling is a popular activity for visitors of all ages and abilities. There are many great snorkeling spots around the island where you can spot colorful fish, starfish, and even octopuses. Many beaches have snorkeling equipment available for rent, or you can join a guided snorkeling tour to discover the best spots and learn about the marine ecosystem from a local expert. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or trying it for the first time, Ibiza’s stunning underwater landscapes are not to be missed.

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Boat Rental Ibiza

Boat rental is a popular way to explore Ibiza’s stunning coastline and crystal clear waters. From small dinghies to luxury yachts, there are boats to suit all needs and budgets. Renting a boat allows you to discover secluded coves and beaches, set your own itinerary, and explore the island at your own pace. Whether you want to snorkel, sunbathe, or picnic on a deserted beach, a boat rental is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Ibiza from the water. Many companies offer half-day, full-day, or even multi-day rentals, and some include skipper and crew.

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Boot Huren Ibiza Huren kopiëren
Yoga Ibiza Yoga Ibiza

Yoga Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular destination for yoga enthusiasts, offering a range of classes and retreats in beautiful natural settings. Many yoga studios and teachers offer outdoor classes, taking advantage of the island’s stunning landscapes and mild climate. From beach yoga to mountain hikes and sunset sessions, there are plenty of opportunities to practice yoga in a peaceful and inspiring environment. For those looking for a deeper immersion in the practice, Ibiza also offers yoga retreats that combine daily classes, healthy meals, and optional activities such as meditation and mindfulness workshops.

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